BOXZII MODULO 1 TUTORIAL: How to change isos remotelly from bed/sofa,etc.....


* BOXZII MODULO 1 and installed USB dongle
* PC computer with BOXZII's software
* Smartphone/tablet with Android or IOS system
* Smartphone application

Let's show how to change backup or manage the boxzii's module 1 using a Smartphone/Tablet with Android / Ios system or VNC client application

This time JUMISOFT GAMER application for iphone is used... 

Now configure the connection adding your privated IP at the pc computer where boxzii module 1 is linked (check for your IPV4 in pc or just use a command line IPCONFIG to research it ) , execute the boxzii's pc software ,

Once the remote application is configured with your IP , connect with it , and manage the BOXZII module 1 software at your pc using the iphone .... Select drive mode , reboot console and after the dash is there , select OPEN WITH REBOOT , select your iso and it's done .. 


Now you can switch around all your backups just by SELECT ISO/EJECT/INSERT